Monday, February 6, 2012


这新年过的非常不一样,每一年的新年我都会闷闷不乐,原因??姐姐都嫁了,每当回去家乡我都会很闷。所以,我就干脆拿三天假。当今年有了他,我的年过的非常充实,非常高兴!从年三十至年出十一,都是那么重是。带他回我舅母家,pahang, raub! 家长们都算同意。然后再和他家人去槟城三天两夜游玩,回来再去云顶两天。哈哈。
真的感谢天让我遇到这么一个他。脾气真好,也很照顾我。我一定会幸福下去!大家也是哦(^ ^)

Monday, January 9, 2012

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bruno Mars - Who Is [With Lyrics]

listen to this songs,
my mind.....
i'm sorry that last time making you feel that way,
if you allow,
i wanna say I'm sorry =(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


在心中的安慰与幸福真的很难说出口, 他对我的照顾,关怀与爱。真的是无人可取代的。对着他, 我只是小女人。


Fall down

Opps, last week fall down...
Leg all blue black, hu hu

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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Believe in faith ?
For me, mayb..
I feel that my life have changed,
He gave me all the hapinessn joyful.
It's him, a thousand mile love he gave me. Worry of losing me.
I told him " my dear, m yours"
Hope that god don't joke with me,
Such a great person I've met!
Thx god !!!!

Get it

Hohoho, today seem to be like my good good! Finally I get my snoopy blinge pounch!!! Happy... It's been almost 3 months Len. Anyway, m so in love with it!

Just wanna say,
I hate ppl blocking me.
So dont do so,
You've made our friendship go far far away. TQ!!